30 Mar 18


As I drove back from Weymouth this afternoon there were at least 15 Oystercatchers on the waters edge in front of the Visitors Centre.


There was no let up in the rain this afternoon, in fact it just got heavier and heavier late into the day. Only highlights were 37 Meadow Pipit flying around the horse paddock off Bumpers Lane and on the feeders 3 Great Tits, with one very light individual, which having surfed my way through Xeno-canto was calling like this individual Here. A continental bird maybe, though Great Tits do have quite a repertoire of calls. Odd never-the-less!!

The past 3 mornings have been wet and this morning was no exception, as heavy rain arrived around dawn. At least it didn't put the birds off from visiting the feeders and it was great to see the female Blackcap back again along with the House Sparrows, Great Tits, Blue Tits and Chaffinch.