30 May 17

My first day on the Isle of Portland and a brand new Blog which I hope will be of interest to the folk on the Isle of Portland & Weymouth, and for that matter maybe a few of my past followers from my previous Blog, SwindonBirder Here.

As long as the weather allows there will be daily sightings and images of the wildlife I have recorded, plus some of my sea fishing exploits. If not there will be a "No Sightings in today", on the page.

Well I arrived at my new home at 3pm and after 6 hours of unpacking decided enough was enough and it was time for some shut eye.

However, before I called it a day, I did get a few birds and a moth to start my Blog off, with a Goldfinch on the defunct TV aerial, a family of 3 young Herring Gulls on the neighbours chimney stack, a Collared Dove, Chiffchaff, House Sparrow and a very vocal Wren.

In the back garden there are masses of Valerian and Nasturtiums and quite a few bees to ID tomorrow. I also had my first Silver-Y moth of the year and my first on Portland to get things rolling.