Portland Moths and Butterflies

The Links below are for the Butterflies and Moths I have recorded on the Isle of Portland since 30 May 17.

(Species of real interest in Pink)


Butterflies and Caterpillars Here.

Butterfly Systematic List Here.

Butterfly Species recorded as of 9 Jul 19 is now:- 32


Micropterigidae 1.001 BF1 - Oecophoridae 31.001 BF658 Click Here.

Depressariidae 32.001 BF666 - Tortricidae 49.382 BF1222 Click Here

Cossidae 50.001 BF162 - Sphingidae 69.018 BF1993 Click Here

Geometridae 70.001 BF1697 - Erebidae 72.088 BF2461 Click Here

Noctuidae 73.001 BF2450 - Nolidae 74.0122 BF2420a Click Here

Moth Queries. (Species unknown or unconfirmed). Click Here

Moth Systematic List Here

Moth Species recorded as of 8 Jul 20 is now:- 183


Moth Caterpillars. Click Here