1 Mar 18


This Afternoon
At around 3:00pm the snow started to fall and with it more birds started to visit the feeders including a female Chaffinch and Dunnock.

A female Chaffinch braves the snow here on Portland.

This Morning
Bitterly cold here on Portland with the relentless gale force wind blowing in from the east. No significant snow, but a couple of snow flurries passing through this morning.

An unusual sight on the suet pellet feeder was the over-wintering Song Thrush. Amazed to see how well balanced it was as it clung onto the feeder as it swung around in the wind. No sign of the female Blackcap but plenty of other birds visiting the feeders with 2 Great Tits, a Blue Tit, Robin, Goldfinch and a Blackbird feeding on the fallen sunflower seeds.

When your hungry, feeders are no obstacle especially for this Song Thrush.

A more usual sight, a female Great Tit on the sunflower seed feeder.

It just shows you how versatile some birds can be especially when you're hungry.