18 Mar 18


The snow was certainly coming down this morning, with a slight covering of snow across the island, courtesy of the "Mini Beast from the East". At 6:00am a Redwing was in the garden briefly.

At 8:00am as the snow fell even heavier, 2 Blackcaps visited the feeders. The same/different female Blackcap and my first male Blackcap to visit the garden. Also on the feeders 2 Great Tits, Blue Tits, 2 female Chaffinch and a Robin.

A screen grab of the snow on Portland at 6:09am. (Courtesy of Camsecure Here)

And at 8:36am

Snow is a rare commodity on Portland but the "Mini Beast from the East" made sure we had a few centimetres on the ground this morning.

My first male Blackcap to visit the garden. Here it is on the suet pellets with a Robin on the feeder behind.

Not the easiest of tasks to photograph birds on the feeders a 100 feet up the garden in a blizzard.....

......but it was worth it to photograph my first male Blackcap to visit the garden. In the background a Robin.

Possibly the same female Blackcap that has overwintered here, along with a female Chaffinch.

A good couple of inches of snow in the back garden.