24 Mar 18


On the feeders this morning both the male and female Blackcaps. Also Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Blue TitHouse Sparrow and Wood Pigeon.

The female Blackcap on the suet pellets.

First it was a Goldfinch and Great Tit, then......

......a female Chaffinch and a male House Sparrow.

A Wood Pigeon "on" the feeders.

And a bit of synchronised diving between a Chaffinch and Wood Pigeon. A perfect 10/10 I would say, the diving not the photography!!

The female Blackcap was back on the feeders this morning along with a female Chaffinch.

Early afternoon and lots of visitors with Blue Tits, Great Tit and a pair of House Sparrows.