7 Nov 17


Another visit to Ferrybridge and The Fleet. Today on the shoreline of Portland Harbour all 11 Turnstones, doing what Turnstones do and that is turn stones. At least 1 1st-winter bird in amongst them. In the harbour several Mediterranean Gulls, Cormorants and at least 1 Red-breasted Merganser. Very difficult to locate anything in the choppy waters. On the grass bank 2 Meadow Pipits.

In The Fleet 106 Brent Geese and 70 Black-headed Gulls along with a few Herring Gulls.

3 of the 11 Turnstones on the beach at Portland Harbour next to Billy Winters Restaurant.

These are 6 few of the other group of 8 further along the shore line.

An adult winter and I suspect a 1st-winter in the foreground, but try as I have, I cannot find an image of a 1st-winter bird to confirm it.

This is how Turnstones get their name.

A few of the Brent Geese on a small spit of land at high water in the Fleet.

The rest were just bobbing about in the middle waiting for the tide to ebb.