6 Nov 17


Another quick stop on my way into Weymouth. 11 Turnstones noted, 8 in flight and 3 feeding 20 feet away in front of me by Billy Winters Restaurant. On the The Fleet just one Brent Goose, though later in the day there were a good 400+.

I was watching a Bar-tailed Godwit in flight making its way down towards Abbotsbury when a several corvids started to mob a bird of prey. Possibly a Kestrel, unfortunately to far away for a proper ID.

On the Fleet a solitary Brent Goose and a 1st-winter Great Black-backed Gull with what looks like a crab in its beak.

Seems a bit lost, but an hour or so later 400+ joined him.

I was trying to photograph the Bar-tailed Godwit but it was to far away, however I did manage to photograph these corvids mobbing what I suspect was a Kestrel over Chesil Beach.

In Portland Harbour these 8 Turnstones were heading to Small Mouth and presumably into the Fleet.

These Turnstones however were right in front of me by Billy Winters Restaurant Here

They were pretty motionless.

I must have been standing by them for a good 5 minutes before I noticed them

The final shot before I left.

Apologies for the clicking. This Turnstone was so close to me, the video camera was struggling to focus. The background noise is the "Bin Men", which just goes to show that these Turnstone are unmoved by human presence, unlike many other waders.