6 Apr 18


No sign of the warblers this afternoon, but great close-ups with a number of birds, especially with 2 Long-tailed Tits. I'd just stepped out of the garden shed and was about to walk down the garden when they both landed on the feeders 2 feet away from me. Must be the closest I've ever got to one. I watched them for a good minute or so before they flew off. What amazing views.

Also about Great Tit, Blue Tit, Chaffinch and 4 pairs of House Sparrows.

Here are few close encounters with the birds on the feeders as I was gardening no more than 20 feet away from them.

House Sparrows.

Two pairs to be exact.

Blue Tit and female House Sparrow

And finally a Great Tit and 2 female House Sparrows.

A Chiffchaff in the back garden this morning was a first here for Spring and the female Blackcap was back on the suet pellets first thing. A few White-tailed Bumblebees about as the sun came out this afternoon.

Note: On 3 Apr Here, I noted that there were a few Chiffchaffs in the grounds of St Andrew's Church with dark patches on their foreheads. Thank you to Edmund Mackrill for pointing out that these are known in the birding world as a Pollen ‘horn’ and most likely to have been pollen grains collected in warmer climes. In fact up to 20 pollen types have been identified such as Eucalyptus, Citrus etc. More here on Pollen "horns"