13 Jun 17

A noisy night last night with a Fox barking away in the quarry behind the Cottage.

During the day it appeared that one of Bo's offspring had fallen out of the nest. Later it fell to the ground and is now on my shed roof. Not sure of its chances, we shall see in the morning as to what has become of it.

During the afternoon, the gulls were very vocal as a Common Buzzard past overhead. Also about 2 House Martin's, 3 Swifts, SwallowLinnet, 2 Goldfinches, Chaffinch, Wren, Collared Dove, Pied Wagtail and House Sparrow all seen from the back garden.

Another Lackey caterpillar in the garden, this time on the parasol.

For the first time since I've moved here the moth trap is out. Hoping for some interesting moths tomorrow morning at 4:00am.

One of Bo's offspring has landed on the roof. Unfortunately it then ended up in the garden and is now on my Shed roof.
A Common Buzzard has upset........

......the local Herring Gulls and is soon on its way.

Another Lackey caterpillar. There are certainly a lot of them on Portland.