2 Apr 18

The Bill

Another trip to the boatyard this afternoon and then down to The Bill afterwards to see if there was anything about. Thank you to Erin for Id'ing a Red-throated Diver for me. I'd seen a bird at distance coming across the "Races" and as it came up the coast I could tell it was diver, but as to which species that was down to Erin (Assistant Warden) to identify for me.

Also on the sea around 8 Gannets, Cormorant and Shag.

Around the obs and quarry there were a few Chiffchaffs and my first sighting of the quarry Little Owls. What lovely birds. I watched them for a few minutes and then they both flew off into the hut area presumably to feed.

The resident pair of Little Owls

A ruffle of the feathers before heading off on a hunting trip.

And his/her mate getting ready as well.

A real treat to see the Little Owls out this evening before they flew off for a hunting foray.

A Kestrel on the look out for an evening snack.......

....and it looks like a vole has been spotted.

Out to sea a Gannet heads south. Apparently the Gannets in around Weymouth Bay breed on Alderney in Channel Islands.

A very noisy Herring Gull......

.....and its mate is just as vocal.

Birds Recorded: Red-throated Diver, Gannet, Shag, Cormorant, Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel, Pheasant, Herring Gull, Great Black-backed Gull, Wood Pigeon, Little Owl, Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird, Chiffchaff, Great Tit, Wren, Magpie, Carrion Crow, Jackdaw, Starling, House Sparrow, Chaffinch and Goldfinch.


Having seen the House Sparrow numbers increase to 2 pairs this morning, it was a bit of a shock to see at least 5 pairs this afternoon. I've no idea where they've come from, but word has obviously got out that the feeders in the back garden is the place to be.

Great to see so many House Sparrows on the feeders.

This morning there were just 2 pairs and this afternoon at least 5 pairs.

Busy feeders.

Having not seen any Blackcaps yesterday I was really surprised to see both the male and female on the feeders this morning. These two have been over-wintering on and off in the back garden since the end of January and despite it being Spring, don't seem to be in any hurry to move onto their breeding grounds. Maybe they plan on staying in Wakeham for the Summer!

Other birds on the feeders were 2 pairs of House Sparrows, 2 Great Tits and a Blue Tit. Also recorded were a pair of Carrion Crows in the Sycamore at the back of the neighbours garden, Goldfinches, Wood Pigeons, several Meadow Pipits moving north and a Pied Wagtail calling from the building site at the rear of the garden. Well it will be when Betterment's start work there tomorrow.

The over-wintering female Blackcap comes into land...........

.....and shows no......

........signs of moving on ....

......or this male despite it being milder......

...... and well into Spring.

A new arrival a second female, that's a pair of House Sparrows now.

A Great Tit on the sunflower seeds.

and another on the suet pellets.

A Carrion Crow looks quite imposing from the neighbour's Sycamore tree.....

...and his mate (or is that the other way round).....

.....and here's probably why they are on the look out as a new cat arrives on the block!!!

Ships Today

This the container ship the Ice Runner flying the flag of Antigua Barbuda. Its on its way to Liverpool from Southampton. More on this vessel Here.