7 Jun 17

Spent all day rehanging 4 internal doors, resetting latches, building a bathroom cabinet and hanging pictures, so not a lot of outdoor activities. I did however manage to photograph the 3 juvenile Herring Gulls nesting in between the neighbours chimney pots and realised when I was looking at the images, that one of the adults was ringed with red numbers on a blue band.

One of the adult Herring Gulls looks on as the 3 chicks have their supper. The ring is 771, I shall email the BTO and find out more on this individual.

There are are 99 British species in the Psychodidae family and they are all very similar looking. However this does look like Tonnoiriella pulchra. Common names given to this family are Moth Fly, Owl Midge, Owl Fly and Drain Fly. The latter so called because the larvae frequent drains. More Here on this family.

The back garden, 100ft long, 10 ft wide and lots of grass. Hopefully I'll get the moth trap out one of these nights.