6 Jul 18

Bottom Combe

A lovely day again and I thought I'd have another look for the elusive Large Tortoiseshell. And it appears I was third time lucky with four sightings of it this afternoon. It did prefer the Blackberry flowers, but it was so flighty that I was unable to photograph it. Location was Here

Other butterflies present were: Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Large White, Speckled Wood, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Marbled White, Red Admiral, Peacock and Small Blue.

Also noted were dozens of Six-spot Burnet moths and 2 Silver Y's, plus the usual Swollen-thighed Beetles, Common Red Soldier Beetles and Red-tailed Cuckoo-bees.

Here are few images from this afternoon.

Lots of Gatekeepers about.

Another one.

And another.

Plus one more.

Not a Gatekeeper but a Meadow Brown. Lots of these still on the wing.


Large Skipper

Common Red Soldier Beetles

Of Interest

A bit of nostalgia with a video showing the last train to Portland in the 60's.

The Last Train to Portland courtesy of "The Portland Rocks CIC