5 Jul 18


When Dawn and I moved to Wakeham last year, there were a pair of Herring Gulls nesting on a neighbours rooftop, one of which was ringed as Blue and Orange 771. Turns out BO (as she was nicknamed) was a regularly visitor to kitchens in the neighbourhood.

Having sent away for details on BO771 I received information from Paul Stewart (The Severn Estuary Gull Group) and it turned out that she probably hatched in 2004 and subsequently ringed in 2006.

Last year she had 2 chicks, which sadly died, however this year she hatched just one egg and junior has just left the nest and is exercising his wings on the neighbours conservatory roof.

Unfortunately next year will be difficult to be certain that BO has remained faithful to her nest site, as a few weeks ago her leg ring snapped off. What is extraordinary though is that the ring wasn't found in the neighbourhood, but in a road over a mile a way at The Grove, by the lady whose house BO frequents to eat her cats breakfast in Wakeham. Now that is a incredible coincidence.

BO's left leg has a slight wound to it, but is healing well. Next year of course it would be nigh impossible to recognise her.

 More on BO Here.

Here are few images of BO's offspring and of BO from last year:


Now this is BO last year, waiting for the neighbours cat to finish its breakfast.

This was 2017 and BO with her chicks.

Unfortunately both the chicks perished, but BO had a successful year this year.


Meet the parents, BO and her partner.

And here is Junior.

Very alert.

And having a good stretch to exercise those wings.

BO Junior.