12 Jun 18


Our quiet day spent gardening, main highlight was watching 3 Common Buzzards drifting northwards over the island. Summer migrants from the continent. Possibly!!

The new pond in the back garden has been a success story with Semaphore flies (Poecilobothrus nobilitatus) displaying all day long. Well pleased with the pond. I wonder what future years hold.

A pair of Herring Gulls nesting between the chimney pots on a neighbours roof have successfully hatched a chick and after two weeks it is doing very well. This time last year one of the parent birds was a ringed adult nicknamed Bo. This was her on 9 Jun 17 Here.

Having said that I have a real suspicion Bo has gone and another pair are using the old nest site. I will keep checking.

A Chiffchaff was singing from the neighbours garden for the 3rd day running and a few Swifts passed overhead heading north. The "local" birds have fallen silent!!

Here are a few images from today.

The new pond has certainly been a success story and the first real residents have been Semaphore flies (Poecilobothrus nobilitatus).
I photographed the Semaphore Fly in the bottom right hand corner and as I was editing the image I realised there were a further two in the top left-hand corner.
This one is on a Nasturtium leaf.

Another on a pebble.

And another on a rock.

One of the adult Herring Gulls nesting on the neighbours roof.

This year just a single chick. Last year there were 2 and sadly they both perished. All I've got to do know is see if Bo is still the mother or whether another female has taken her place.