30 Oct 18


My first confirmed Tawny Owl on Portland. I say confirmed as I did think I heard one last year on 1 Sep, but it was so distant I couldn't really say whether it was or not. I think I can safely say that I have recorded one on Portland now.

I first heard it at around 11:00pm and it continued calling from the roof of a house across the other side of the road. At around 11:30pm it took off and I could hear distant calls from the direction of Bottom Combe Quarry.

Broadcroft Quarry Lane and Horse Paddocks.

Another lovely sunny but cool day. Holly and I took the dogs up the lane and across the lower horse paddock, via Molly the pony.

Birds recorded today were 4 Blackbirds in the lane, a Stonechat in the upper horse paddock where there was also a very obliging Linnet which gave us several nice poses as it moved from gate to wall and then on the path next to us.

In the lower horse paddock just the 2 Herring Gulls and 3 Carrion Crow.

Here are a few photos from our walk.

A male Stonechat in the upper paddock......

........where there was this Linnet flitting from gate to........

.......to wall and then back..........

........onto the path to carry on feeding.

A 1st Winter Herring Gull.

Holly has her hands full with Benji and Ted

Time for a break and a carrot for Molly.

More ponies and a lovely photo taken by Holly.