28 Oct 18

Broadcroft Quarry Lane, Fire Station Woods, Upper Horse Paddock and Lower Horse Paddock

Another cold and blustery day. There were reports on Twitter that there had been an influx of Winter thrushes. Well I had 5, so I reckon most made there way to the Bill rather than stay in the middle of the island.

The thrushes I had were 4 Blackbirds and a Song Thrush. Not much else about, apart from 19 Herring Gull in the lower horse paddock, where there were also 21 Starlings.

Starlings in Winter Plumage

On the Grove Sports Field there were a few very intimidating looking Herring Gulls.

Here's another.

And another one on the prowl.

A Carrion Crow going through a bit of a moult.

Birds Recorded: 1 Kestrel, 23 Herring Gull (19 + 4), Wood Pigeon, Dunnock, Robin, 4 Blackbird, 1 Song Thrush, 12 Magpie, Carrion Crow, Jackdaw, 28 Starling (21 + 7), House Sparrow and 2 Chaffinch.

Ships Today

This is the Cypriot Cargo Ship "BG Sapphire" on its way from Rotterdam, Holland to Cork. More on this vessel Here.

Note: On 26 Apr this year I came across an Oystercatcher on The Fleet Here, which had two coloured leg rings and a metal ring. It's taken awhile but I finally tracked down where this bird originated from.

It turns out this individual was part of a ringing project at Dawlish Warren and ringed on 28 Jan 97. It is a regular wintering bird at the Exe and has been noted there recently.

Originally I had the coloured leg rings down as Blue and the other Black & White. However the white is actually a faded Lime, which is no surprise after 21 years. The metal leg ring which I couldn't identify at the time turns out to be BTO ring number FC51110.

So if you come across any Oystercatchers with leg rings, it might be worth contacting Exe Oystercatchers Here.