8 Sep 18

Mermaid Track, Rufus Castle, St Andrews Church and Pennsylvania Castle Wood

I left it a bit late this evening for a walk and consequently there was very little to write about. The only insect I could find and photograph was a Harlequin Ladybird and a larvae at the top of Penns Wood. Both of which were in the same patch of stinging nettles as yesterday.

Here are a couple of photos from this evening.

Seems that Harlequin Ladybirds are pretty happy to stay in one location. This adult.......

.........and this larvae were in the same spot as yesterday.

Ships Today

The first two ships here are classed as having Hazard A (Major) goods on board.

This is the Liberian Container Ship the YM Express, on its way from Halifax, Canada to Rotterdam, Holland. More on this vessel Here.

This the Maltese Container Ship the Shanghai Trader on its way from Savannah, USA to Le Havre, France. More on this Cargo Vessel Here.

This is the French Cargo vessel the MN Pelican, on its way from Poole to Bilbao, Spain. More on this Ro-Ro Cargo vessel Here.