27 Sep 18

Mermaid Track, Rufus Castle and Perryfield Butterfly Reserve

A change of route this evening as it was a bit late, plus had I'd walked my normal route then I would have been in shade for most of it. It was another lovely warm day and though I was late, there were a surprisingly lot of Chiffchaffs about, especially around Perryfields Butterfly Reserve where the sun was still shining. There must have been at least 8 in the Buddleia Bushes and Sycamores.

Elsewhere there were 3 Blackcaps calling from around Rufus Castle, and there was a small flock of 7 Magpies coming into roost in the Sycamores by Church Ope Cove Car Park.

I was a bit late for butterflies, so I thought but I did manage at least 12 Red Admirals and 1 Large White.

Also about were Ivy Bees, wasps and a few Common Drone Flies on the Ivy at the Observation Area by Rufus Castle, whilst at Perryfields I came across a wasp nest and dozens of Common Drones on the Ivy there as well.

Here are few images from this evening:

A Red Admiral soaks up the last of the days sun

A Common Wasp.........

.....and its nest.......

........well hidden in amongst the Portland Stone blocks.

A Common Drone Fly

I thought this was a Marmalade Hoverfly. Its certainly the same size, but those markings are not quite right!

A juvenile Wall Lizard......

......and two more. It looks like one of the youngsters has had a lucky escape.

I'm standing on the old bridge which use to span the Weymouth to Portland railway track. The track is well overgrown, since the last passenger train came this way in the mid 60's
And the same railway track which took through Bottom Combe and into Easton Railway Station.

This tree has a strange looking bark to it.

This is a close-up. First appearance is that its diseased but in fact this is Ulmus alata, Winged Elm.

Shops today

This is the Maltese Vehicles Carrier "Neptune Aegli" on its way from Southampton to an unknown destination. More on this Cargo vessel Here.