12 Sep 18

Mermaid Track, Rufus Castle, St Andrews Church and Pennsylvania Castle Wood

Not a nice day, with showers on and off until around 4:00pm. Did manage a walk late afternoon, but there was very little to see. Main highlight was the small influx of Meadow Pipits coming up the island, with two parties of 16 and then 8 heading north. No doubt others passed by unnoticed in the rain during the day.

No sign of any Ivy Bees or Hornet Mimic Hoverflies, in fact I only found one bee a Buff-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) at the top of Penn's Wood where there was just the one visible Harlequin Ladybird.

The rain did encourage a few Bloody-nosed Beetles to venture out and I came across a pair mating.

I have new venture now and that is to photograph the flora on Portland. When there are times when there is little to write about, I shall endeavour to add a few images to the blog and on a new set of pages titled Portland Flora Here

Here are a few images from this afternoon.

A pair of Bloody-nosed Beetles.

Just the one Harlequin Ladybird seen today.

Hart's-tongue Fern, Asplenium scolopendrium

Here are the fronds of the Harts-tongue Fern. This fern also goes by the name of Burnt Weed, Buttonhole, Christ's Hair and Horse Tongue.

Cyclamen, Cyclamen

Old Man’s Beard, Clematis vitalba (Also known as Travellers’ Joy & Wild Clematis)

Ships Today

This the General cargo vessel Sea Kestrel flying the flag of the Cayman Island. Its on its way from Terneuzen, Holland to Avonmouth. More on this vessel Here.

This the vehicles carrier Schelde Highway flying the flag of Panama. Its on its way from Dublin to Zeebrugge, Belgium. More on this vessel Here.

This the British Cargo vessel Celtic Endeavour on its way from Groveport, near Scunthorpe to Plymouth. More on this vessel Here.