27 Oct 18

Broadcroft Quarry Lane, Pools, Bumpers Lane, The Cuttings, Rufus Castle and Museum

Wow that was some cold biting wind. The sun was out all day, but that northerly blast of cold wind was very raw. However out of the wind on the more sheltered eastern side of Portland saw a few drone Flies, wasps and a Red Admiral on the few remaining Ivy flowers.

Bird wise, the best I could do today was 2 Chiffchaffs in Penns Weare just below The Cuttings. Elsewhere nothing! In fact in the lane and pools all I recorded was Dunnock and a Blackbird.

Out to sea there was a party of 6 Great Black-backed Gulls heading north, whilst in the lower horse paddock there were 12 Herring Gulls resting up. Apart from that very very quiet.

There were a few Drone Flies about...........

........these Common Drone Flies were at Rufus Castle and by the Museum respectively.

A Red Admiral by the Museum, soaks up the Autumn sun.

Ships Today

This is the Maltese Tanker "Patricia", carrying a Hazard D cargo. She's on her way from Portland to Stanlow. More on this vessel Here.

On the left is the General Cargo ship "Stad" flying the flag of Vanuata. It's on its way from Vlaardingen, Holland to Belfast. More on this vessel Here. The ship ahead of it, is the Maltese Ro-Ro Cargo vessel "Amandine" on its way from Rozenburg, Holland to Dublin. More on this vessel Here.

Note if you are like me and have never heard of a country called Vanuata well its Here. It does beg the question why would an island in the South Pacific Ocean own a Cargo Ship operating in the northern hemisphere.

Way out in the English Channel was this Russian General Cargo Vessel "Serdolik" which is on its way from Riga, Latvia to Portbury. More on this vessel Here.

This the Bulk Carrier "Star Hyperion" flying the flag of Panama. Its on its way from Odessa, Ukraine to Portland. More on this vessel Here.