1 Jul 18

Bottom Combe Quarry

News was out that a Large Tortoiseshell had been seen and photographed along the path above the old railway track somewhere along here at around 1:30pm.

Within a few minutes of the news I was there walking up and down the path and old railway track. Sadly I couldn't locate it, so I gave up and went home.

It was only later that I found out that it was seen a few minutes after I'd got home at around 3:15pm and then again at 4:30pm. Just my luck. More Here and Here.

I might have missed out on a real rarity, but I did record several Gatekeepers, Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Ringlets, Small Skippers, Large Skippers, a Speckled Wood, a Large White, a Green-veined White and 2 Small Blues. Also a Silver Y moth

On the way back home I came across a Slow Worm.

The old railway track just south of Tesco's.

and looking south.

One of many Marbled Whites here.


And another.

Quite a few Gatekeepers here.

The two spots in the black "eye" are a useful to identification.

A possible confusing species to a Gatekeeper, a Meadow Brown.

They generally only have one white spot in the black "eye". However, on occasion, a lighter second white spot can be seen.
No confusing a Ringlet.

And a shot you don't normally get, is with the wings wide open. Well partially in this case.

A Small Blue butterfly. And believe me it is small.

One of the Mason Bees maybe.

A Fly sp.

A Slow Worm which I just spotted in the undergrowth as it made its way along the bottom of a hedgerow.

Mermaid Track and Rufus Castle.

The 1st July and the first day for a very long time that we had cloud cover and a few spots of rain. However it was pretty humid and even with a onshore breeze, the temperature was still in the early 20's.

A late morning walk and a few butterflies about with 2 Gatekeepers, several Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Large Skippers, Small Skippers, Large Whites and a Red Admiral.

Also about dozens of Red-tailed Cuckoo-bees and a few Common Carder Bees on a large patch of Ribbed Melilot (Melilotus officinalis).

Other bugs and beasties included a German Scorpionfly (Panorpa germanica), A male Swollen-thighed Beetle, a Potter Wasp and dozens of nymph Southern Green Shieldbugs (Nezara viridula)

Here are few images from today:

Marbled White


And another

A Potter Wasp

As above.

Common Soldier Beetle

Southern Green Shieldbug nymphs

And again.

Busy nymphs

A Red-tailed Cuckoo-bee on Ribbed Melilot (Melilotus officinalis).

German Scorpionfly

And again

A male Swollen-thighed Beetle.